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Pat Samples

"Your words of wisdom, infused with a deep sense of the sacred, were inspiring and uplifting to us all.... Needless to say, you exceeded all our expectations."
--Rev. John Hatgidakis, Chaplain, Fairview MS Achievement Center

Live your life like it's a gift

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Listen Inside Yourself for a Moment

Are you over 50 and wondering how to embrace the years ahead?

Is emotional or physical pain holding you back?

Is caregiving adding stress to your life?

Do you have important life stories you want someone to hear?

Pat Samples helps people find meaning and peace of mind as they move into midlife and beyond -- and as they care for others.

Join with her on this site in a learning circle of midlifers, caregivers, and others eager to live a conscious, creative life right up until their last breath.

Learn to:

- Listen to your own inner voice
- Find peace of mind
- Uncover the emotional brilliance in your body
- Write, dance, and sing your story
- Live an intentional, inspired life

IF YOU ARE A CAREGIVER, find help by clicking here.


Caring Today, the national magazine for caregivers, features an article by Pat Samples called "Find Your Second Voice."

Pat Samples and her Secret Wisdom book are the topic of a 3-minute report on AARP's Primetime Weekender radio show -- July 19, 2008. Listen to hear the heart of this book's message.

See Pat's profile in Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Check out Pat's Essential Motion service.

AARP and Publishers Weekly say that Pat's Secret Wisdom book is "What Our Generation Wants to Read."
Click here for details.

How Can I Enjoy Things When She Can’t?

Sometimes when I’m out doing something fun that I know my sick friend would love to be doing, I feel a mix of guilt and sadness. Today I went canoeing. I know if my friend had been out there with me, she would have been making friends with everyone we passed by and laughing often. In fact I imagined hearing her laughter as I paddled. Read more »

On My Knees

My knees bothered me for much of the past year. Through physical therapy, I learned some exercises and ways of moving that diminished the pain I was feeling. Having the knee pain also caused me to be much more observant about how I walk, climb stairs, squat, etc. I have become an ardent “student” of my knees and related parts – at least for now, and I’ve made some surprising discoveries.
Read more »

Are You in Love with Everything?

It’s easier to be in love with everything than with just a few choice things. If I see everything through the eyes of love–I mean the adoring “you can do no wrong” kind of love, then nothing can ruin my day. Everything makes me happy.

This simple concept became clear to me this morning. Read more »

Strong Women Share Stories

I recently received an email from a woman named Mary that reminded me how heavy the load is for so many caregivers and what commitment and strength it takes to give and give and give:

“Hi Pat,

I received the book I think on Friday. Thank you so much for mailing it to me.
Read more »

Is Your Illness a Big “Drama” or a Drama Stopper?

A reader of Body Odyssey: Lessons from the Bones and Belly wrote this week that a friend gave her the book three years ago “when I was laid up for 65 days with a herniated disc. Good reading and page 192 became my mantra: my illness was a drama for others in my life more than it was for me. I was missing that until I read it in your book. Thanks for sharing yourself in print.”What the reader who wrote to me was referring to was a section that described how everything becomes more simplified and less stressful in a way when our busy lives are on hold because of illness. Read more »

Why Try So Hard? Let’s Play Instead

What is this thing called stress that seems to plague us?Here’s a simple definition: It’s the feeling we get when we want something we’re not getting. We want to get to an appointment and the traffic is stalled so we know we’ll be late — STRESS! We want our partner to listen to us lovingly and instead we’re getting advice or criticism — STRESS! We have a big dream for our future and we don’t see a way to get there — STRESS!So what do most of us do when we feel stress? We try harder. We try to force our way through the traffic to get somewhere on time. We speak more adamantly or pleadingly, trying to convince our partner to LISTEN! We work really, really hard to get ahead. Read more »

Smile While You Can

I had a TIA (also called a mini-stroke) last month. My mind suddenly was not able to track information, and I was unable to move my limbs or speak as I usually can. It was a very odd sensation to attempt to reach for the phone and not have my hands move into action. And I was alarmed when the sounds that came out of my mouth were nothing like what was on my mind. As odd and frightening as all this was — fortunately it only lasted about an hour — what seemed the strangest was when the ER doctor would ask me if I could smile — and I couldn’t. How could this be possible, I wondered. How could I not have the ability to smile? Read more »

An Amazing Story

I regularly get emails from people who have found the messages in my books to be life-transforming. One I received this week touched me so much I have to share it with you. Please take a look.

New Book Reveals Secret Wisdom

Believe it or not, your body is your best friend. It is filled with emotional and spiritual wisdom that can help you feel at ease with yourself, heal what hurts, and unleash your creativity. If you’re a woman, you now have a guide to discovering this wisdom and making friends with your body as you age. Read more »

Five Ways to Reduce Stress

Your body carries your mental and emotional stress. It also carries the secrets for stress relief. Here are five ways to reveal these secrets and create more ease for yourself when stress is mounting during your day. Read more »